Natasha McCloy

Tarot Card Reader, Psychic

Palmist and Tarot Card Reader

I read your palm and cards to guide, illuminate and empower

I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need inorder to do so. I use my highly developed intuition and my advanced training at some of the worlds most respected spiritual institutions to help guide, illuminate and empower.

Natasha McCloy

Accurate and informative Palmist and Tarot Card Reader


Tarot cards and your palm hold spiritual power that can give you insight into your life, such as career, love, finances, travel, and lifestyle changes. A palm reading is a more general reading that looks at your personality and what drives your path in life. It is the tarot reading that gives us the details and is generally done to help explore a particular element of your life that you are struggling with.

With the cards and your palm, I help you look at your past, present, and future. I should say probable or possible future events because you have free will. Your decisions and the actions you take will affect how these events unfold. I can provide awareness, insight, and support. The outcome is up to you.​

Hear What Our Clients Say

  • I known Natasha for a few months. I going back to her and listened to her share my worries with her. I have no doubt that she is in touch with her spirit or guides when she give me guidance and to feel at peace. I can not ask for better guidance. Marina

    Marina Viljoen Avatar Marina Viljoen

    Natasha is a blessing, she's easy to talk to, listens carefully without any judgment and she isn't pushy at all, she gives great advice and is extremely accurate. Most of the things she tells you happens exactly that way so you are able to pre-plan. She prays with you and helps through very difficult situations and avails herself if you urgently need her. She really goes over and beyond for her clients. I will definitely recommend her services to anybody that's going through a rough patch and needs answers to determine what to do next. Thank you for everything Natasha ❤️

    Kirsty van der Merwe Avatar Kirsty van der Merwe

    On meeting Natasha, you are greeted by this softness and warmth that immediately makes you comfortable. She takes the time to listen carefully and compassionately, and then starts her session. She is extremely accurate and detailed in her reading both of the palms and the tarots. She interacts real time with her guides and also encourages one to ask questions as she goes along. I would definitely recommend Natasha to anyone who needs assistance and guidance into the future. She is the REAL Deal!

    Logan Moodley Avatar Logan Moodley
  • I’ve gone to her a couple of times and I always feel so comfortable she is so sweet, soft spoken and she doesn’t just give a reading she actually also shows empathy and understanding. She doesn’t ask only the question you asked but also navigates with other questions related to that one you may have had which gives even better insight. The accuracy of things she says gives me chills all the time. She has a gift and I hope she continues to spread her light to those that need it.

    Belle Avatar Belle

    Natasha is a fantastic person. She made me feel so comfortable during my reading. I recommend Natasha to anyone who needs a reading. Thank you Natasha love and light xo

    Sesh Govender Avatar Sesh Govender

    Absolutely love the vibe she gives off and the environment she sets for clients. First reader I've ever seen provide guidance only where needed and deliver without bias. Truly allows the session to be purely about you and your own spiritual experience. I've never been able to reach such a powerful feeling of enlightenment and reassurance. Highly recommended and will definitely book again.

    Armageddon Bunny Avatar Armageddon Bunny
  • I just want to say thank you for today’s session. I felt so much lighter after speaking with you. You confirmed a lot of what I was feeling unconsciously but you also gave me so much more to think about and work on as well. It was fantastic to meet you and speak to you today. Looking forward to be doing this again in the near future! Take care

    Shabnam Amod Avatar Shabnam Amod

    Natasha is brilliant with the work she does. She's hit the nail on the head every time and her predictions have always come true around myself I'm absolutely shocked and a true believer in her gifts. I recommend everyone try Natasha as she is a super human. I give her and her tarot cards 10points ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Justin Vos (Sorcerer Jay White) Avatar Justin Vos (Sorcerer Jay White)

    Hi Natasha , thank you so much for my reading this afternoon. It is incredible how much information could be gleamed from a palm and some simple pictures on a card. Wow ! I’m still astounded! Looking to have more readings from you soon. Take care . Neo

    Neo Francis makhakhe Avatar Neo Francis makhakhe
  • I had a reading with Natasha yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the reading. Natasha is very thorough and provides detailed responses. She described me and my situation in great depth and feel is incredibly gifted. Thank you Natasha!

    Monica Thaver Avatar Monica Thaver

    Natasha is spot on. My end of nov reading has materialized. Unreal how canny she was

    Naseema Sayed Avatar Naseema Sayed

    She literally gave me goosebumps! Very clear and passionate in her work so much so it feels like it's just you and her in that market. She told me things I didn't really know about myself and the people around me, reads out the little things you only think about in your solitude. Her hands were so soft and her whole aura was just comforting .I had the palm reading and tarot card reading and I would definitely recommend her work to anyone. EVERYONE.

    Siziwe Mnwana Avatar Siziwe Mnwana